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To assist parents with their child's pursuit in academic excellence and cultivating a biblical perspective within their child that will impact those within and outside the body of Christ 


Excellence Christian School (ECS) is a place of learning where individualism is encouraged and the love of Christ emulated. ECS promotes student inquiry and independent thinking through a rigorous course of study. The standards-based, college preparatory curriculum emphasizes both science/technology and the arts. In this nurturing Christian learning environment, students experience academic excellence through a team-driven instructional approach. We are a school where intense learning and fun intersect, as teachers bring concepts to life through engaging instructional techniques. Our goal is to assist parents with their child’s pursuit of academic excellence while cultivating a biblical perspective that will intrinsically motivate them to make positive contributions to society. Excellence Christian School is the educational choice for families who value a setting where their child is both known and esteemed.


At Excellence Christian School, we are "Preparing 21st Century Learners for Global Competition" in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Our students thrive in an environment where they are able to engage in real-world problem solving, investigate global issues and think critically. As students apply their knowledge of engineering and design, they will be exposed to more in-depth STEM concepts such as Cyber Stem, Popsicle Bridge Design, Robotics Engineering, Solar Motor Car Design, Z Space virtual labs, program designing and much more. These programs support our students’ aspirations to become global investigators, designers, problem solvers and innovators through imagination and exploration of the world around them.

At the heart of our instructional program is also a focus on cultivating outstanding character among our student population, with an emphasis on the “Fruit of the Spirit.” We believe that providing our students with a firm foundation in love, respect and kindness will set the course for them to impact our society for generations to come. ECS is committed to promoting an atmosphere where students are celebrated and encouraged to think of others first, lend a helping hand, speak words of love and exhibit patience with those around them. To that extent, our ECS students are committed to making a difference in the community. 

As a result of the academic and character-based program here at ECS, our current ECS Eagles and alumni have excelled in countless areas as it relates to our STEAM program. ECS alumni have received nominations to attend a STEM Program at The University of Maryland. In addition, four of our graduates were accepted into a Science & Technology Program at a local high school. One of those students has been inducted into the Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society and another student has been recognized for his outstanding work in designing the school’s website. Several of our alumni have been accepted into North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University and have taken part in internships at the Federal Government, DC Police Academy and NASA. They also had the opportunity to travel to South Africa and participate in The GREEN Program in Hawaii that focuses on science, engineering and sustainable development in different parts of the world.

We are proud of the many aspirations and accomplishments our ECS Soaring Eagles have attained. We believe in the power of a strong education coupled with a core value system, and this quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. truly sums up what Excellence Christian School is all about: "Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."


  • Maintain small class sizes to meet individuals needs;

  • Teach/re-teach until mastery is reached;

  • Work collaboratively with parents to ensure students success;

  • Set high expectations for all students;

  • Integrate technology throughout the curriculum;

  • Make real-life connections between content and application;

  • Utilize a wide variety of resources to reach different types of learners; and,

  • Exhibit and encourage Christian character, morals and values in all aspects of the instructional program.


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